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Meet the Executive Council

Board members.

The Executive Council, with the governing Board of Managers, serves as an advisory board to the IUAA. The Executive Council consists of members at large, constituent society (school group) representatives, student representatives, chapter network representatives, affiliate group (special interest) representatives, and ex-officio representatives from the IU Foundation and the IU Varsity Club.

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Paul Addison Paul Addison, BME'74 Member at Large 2015-2018
Lafayette, Ind. 
Michael Bartiss Michael Bartiss, BA'75 Chapter Network Representative, 2014-2017
Pinehurst, N.C.
Kortney Blaylock

Kortney Blaylock,             BS' 08

Chapter Network Representative, 2016-2019
Evansville, Ind.
Jerry Bobilya Jerry Bobilya, MS' 70, PhD'73

Member at Large 2016-2019                                 
Black Mountain, N.C.

Chris Buczynski Chris Buczynski, BS'73, MS'75

Member at Large 2014-2017
St Joseph, Ind.

Chad Buehler Chad Buehler, BS'10, MBA'13

IUPUC Representative 2015-2018
Columbus, Ind.

Megan Caldwell

Megan Caldwell, BS/BA'12

Member at Large 2014-2017
San Francisco 

Abby Clapp

Abby Clapp, BA'08, MS'14

IU East Representative, 2015-2018
Richmond, Ind.

pAM CLARK Pam Clark, MSW'94

School of Social Work Representative 2016-2019
Columbus, Ind.

Barb Coury Barb Coury, MA'12

Lilly School of Philanthropy Representative 2015-2018   Indianapolis, Ind.

Rob DeCleene Rob DeCleene, BS'94

Member at Large, 2015-2018
South Bend, Ind.

Scott Dolson Scott Dolson, BS’88 IU Varsity Club Representative
Bloomington, Ind.
Jason Dudich Jason Dudich, BS'01 Member at Large, 2016-2019
Indianapolis, Ind.
Sharmaine Ellison Sharmaine Ellison BSNJ'00

Member at Large 2016-2019
Kokomo, Ind. 

Kevin Erdman Kevin Erdman, BS'84

School of Informatics and Computing 2014-2017
Indianapolis, Ind.

Anne-Marie Farrow Anne-Marie Farrow, BA'85 Chapter Network Representative, 2016-2019
Fort Mill, S.C.
Anne-Marie Farrow Jason Gerdom, BS'97

Chapter Network Representative, 2016-2019         Boston, Ma.

Lucky Hall Lloyd "Lucky" Hall, BA'89

Member at Large 2014-2017
Indianapolis, Ind.

Dena Rae Hancock Dena Rae Hancock, BS'92

Member at Large 2014-2017
Indianapolis, Ind.

Pamela Hensler Pamela Hensler, BA'92, JD'00

Robert H. McKinney School of Law Representative 2015-2018
Bloomington, Ind.

Stacy Hughes Stacey Hughes, BS'94, MS'00

I-Association Representative 2016-2019           Indianapolis, Ind.

Pete Hunter

Pete Hunter, BS'10, BS'13

Member at Large 2015-2018
Whiteland, Ind.
Courtney Danhauser Carmen Jones, BS'11, MPM'14

Member at Large, 2016-2019
Logansport, Ind. 

Lewis Jones Lewis Jones, BA/BS'06 School of Liberal Arts Representative 2014-2017
Gettysburg, Penn.
Duane King Duane King, BFA'83

Herron School of Art & Design Representative 2016-2019 
Indianapolis, Ind.

Megan Klopchin Megan Klopchin, MPH/MHA'09

Fairbanks School of Public Health Representative 2016-2019
Indianapolis, Ind.

Josh Kornberg Josh Kornberg,BA'12

IU Southeast Representative 2014-2017
Jeffersonville, Ind.

monica kowaleski Monica Kowaleski, BS'97, OD'02 School of Optometry Representative 2013-2017
Greenfield, Ind.
Don Kritsch

Don Kritsch,BA'67, MA'71

Member at Large 2015-2018
Durham, N.C.

Clare Krusing Clare Krusing, BAJ'10 Member at Large 2015-2018
Washington, D.C.
Joni Lawler Joni Lawler, BS'86, MS'88 School of Physical Education and Tourism Management Representative 2016-2019
Indianapolis, Ind.
Phyllis Lewis Phyllis Lewis, BS'59, MS'80

School of Nursing Representative 2014-2017
Indianapolis, Ind.

Chris Lowery Chris Lowery, BS'84

Member at Large 2014-2017
Batesville, Ind.

Phil Mark Phillip Mark, BA'84

Member at Large 2016-2019
South Bend, Ind.

Lisa McKinney Lisa McKinney, JD'92 Member at Large 2015-2018
Carmel, Ind.
yung nguyen Yung Nguyen, BS'89, MD'95

School of Medicine Representative 2015-2018
Indianapolis, Ind.

herman oliver Herman Oliver, MPA'81

School of Public and Environmental Affairs Representative 2016-2019
Indianapolis, Ind.

Shirlene Olson Shirlene Olson, BGS'06

IUN Representative 2015-2018
Crown Point, Ind.

Evelyn Pierce Hicks Evelyn Pierce Hicks, BS'74, MS'78

Member at Large 2014-2017
Indianapolis, Ind.

Shelley Raper

Shelley Raper, BS'85

Kelley School of Business Representative 2016-2019
Fishers, Ind.

Margaret Ridenour

Margaret Ridenour, BS '01, MS'05

IU South Bend Representative 2014-2017
South Bend, Ind.

Angel Rivera Angel Rivera, BA'04

College of Arts and Sciences Representative 2015-2018
Irving, Tx.

kraig rose

Kraig Rose, BS/BA'13

Chapter Network Representative 2014-2017
Richmond, Ind.

Mary Beth Ryan

Mary Beth Ryan, BGS'99

Member at Large 2016-2019
Indianapolis, Ind.

Cyndi Searfoss Cyndy Searfoss, BA'84

Member at Large 2015-2018
South Bend, Ind.

Megan Sechowski Megan Sechowski, BME'01

Member at Large 2016-2019
Chicago, Ill.

Ozair Shariff Ozair Shariff, BA'07, JD'12

Member at Large 2016-2019
Louisville, Ken.


Brian Shepherd Brian Shepherd, BS'99 Member at Large 2015-2018
Bloomington, Ind.
Daniel Smith Daniel Smith IU Foundation Representative
Bloomington, Ind.
Lesley Snyder Lesley Snyder, BS'09, MHA'13

Chapter Network Representative 2015-2018
Bloomington, Ind.

Dick Stahl Dick Stahl, JD'71, MBA'72

Member at Large 2014-2017
Plymouth, Minn.

Janelle Stenger Janelle Stenger, BA'89 Chapter  Representative 2015-2018
Aurora, Ind.
Cindy Stone Cindy Stone, BS'78, MS'08 Member at Large 2014-2017
Bloomington, Ind.
Meredith Suffron Meredith Suffron, BA'01, MBA'13 Member at Large 2014-2017
Chicago, Ill.
Ana Van de Velde Ana Van de Velde, BA'74 Member at Large 2016-2019
Gary, Ind.
Martin Vargas

Martin Vargas, BS'94

Member at Large  2016-2019
Knoxville, Ten.

Julie Warren

Julie Warren, BS'05

School of Public Health-Bloomington Representative 2016-2019  
Bloomington, Ind.

Dawn Whitehead

Dawn Whitehead, BA'97, MS'03, PhD'07

Neal-Marshall Alumni Club Representative 2016-2019
Washington, DC.

willke Dietrich Willke, BA/BS'01, MPA'04

Member at Large 2014-2017
Cotia, Brazil

Nicole Yates Nicole Yates, AA'06, BA'07 Member at Large 2015-2018
New Albany, Ind.
George Zundo George Zundo, BA'76, DDS'80

School of Dentistry Representative 2015-2018
Danville, Ill.