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Save the date: Executive Council Meeting: Nov 18-19 in Indianapolis.

Alumni leadership is vital. You’re always invited to get involved in the governance of IUAA by sharing your ideas with your representatives, or volunteering to serve on the Executive Council or its Board of Managers

The Board of Managers is the board responsible for the Indiana University Alumni Association, a nonprofit corporation chartered in Indiana. This board is one of three university-wide boards where alumni can help shape IU's future, with the IU Board of Trustees and the Indiana University Foundation being the other two.

The Board of Managers is made up of the IUAA CEO, immediate past chair, five officers, six at-large members, and one member selected by the presidents of the student alumni affiliate organizations who must be a full-time student of Indiana University. At-large members serve staggered three-year terms, with officers elected annually. This group meets two to four times a year.

The Executive Council functions as an advisory board to the IUAA. In June 2011, Executive Council committees were established to help shape alumni program and community development. In addition to the individuals serving on the Board of Managers, the membership of the Executive Council include:

  • 30 members at large, elected by fellow alumni
  • 28 constituent society representatives from the schools on the Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses, appointed to a three-year term by their respective societies.
  • Eight student representatives, appointed by campus alumni directors
  • Six chapter network representatives, recommended by the alumni communities staff.
  • Two affiliate group (special interest) representatives, each appointed by their group liaison or volunteer, and ex-officio representatives from the IU Foundation and the IU Varsity Club

Council members meet twice yearly and most serve staggered, three-year terms. Student representatives serve one-year terms.

How are members elected?

At-large members and officers of the Board of Managers, as well as the 30 at-large members of the Executive Council, are elected by ballot. Ballots, as part of the Indiana University Alumni Magazine, are mailed to all IUAA members at their most recent address on file with the Alumni Office by the third Friday in March. Ballots from qualified voters are tallied at 5 p.m. on the third Friday in April.

The Governance Committee meets in October to review nominations.  Please suggest persons for consideration by October 1 by downloading the nomination form.

How can I run?

Someone may nominate you using the process and form listed above, or you can submit your name with a petition signed by 100 IU alumni members by December 31 to the IUAA.  Contact Tricia Riveire  for information.

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