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The IU Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Alumni Association (GLBTAA) is an active and vibrant alumni organization with approximately 2,000 members. Officially established in 1997, we have grown in size but have kept our core mission the same: to improve the quality of life for LGBT students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Indiana University on all eight campuses.

Building on the legacy of past leaders, we continue: to sponsor educational activities; to provide information regarding the activities and events of the IU LGBT community; to provide networking and social opportunities; to award academic and emergency scholarships to students; to award mini-grants to deserving students and student organizations; to provide mentoring and support programs for IU students; to advocate LGBT issues to the IU administration; to support the GLBT Student Support Services office in Bloomington; and to keep members of our community informed of legal developments that affect the IU LGBT community.

Membership is for everyone.

Membership in the GLBTAA is free, and you don't have to be an IU degree-holder or a member of the IUAA. The IUAA helps fund our program, though, so every member counts! Join the GLBTAA »