Welcome to Mumbai

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Welcome to your IU home!

Keeping you connected to Indiana University is what the Mumbai Chapter of the IU Alumni Association is all about. As you select links to review, you will find how the Mumbai Chapter of the IUAA can help foster a lifetime relationship with your university.


Since its inception in October 2002, the Mumbai Chapter of the IUAA has been dedicated to serving both the university and Indian alumni of IU.

The purpose of the Mumbai Chapter of the IUAA is to extend the reach of the IU through the volunteer recruitment efforts of well-trained, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic alumni throughout India. The association provides opportunities for alumni and friends to stay connected with their alma mater through communications, programs, and services that foster a lifetime relationship with IU. In fulfilling its commitment to strengthening the bridge between alumni and the university, the chapter communicates and supports the stated missions and goals of IU, engages in activities that enhance the image of IU, and promotes the development of resources, both public and private, for IU.

IU India alumni volunteers assist the Office of Admissions by representing IU at various recruitment events and activities, and by identifying and maintaining contact with prospective students from India. The volunteers stay informed of basic admissions information, participate in alumni student recruitment programs and activities (mainly college fairs), and provide feedback to IU regarding materials and activities.

Our Strategic Initiatives, in alignment with the IUAA

  • Increase membership across India
  • Strengthen resources and create more volunteer leaders
  • Increase awareness and impact of IU in India
  • Involve more alumni and students
  • Create a virtual Alumni Association

Be an IU global ambassador

No international chapter near you? Start one! Become an IU global alumni ambassador and help shape the university’s future. You can point your area’s best and brightest students toward Indiana, or volunteer to speak with prospective students about your IU experiences. You can also help IU forge relationships with universities and organizations in your region.

To become an ambassador, contact Fred Perry, director of international alumni relations, at intlalum@indiana.edu.