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IU’s commitment to your success doesn’t end at graduation.

Come back to IU to manage your career. Any time. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional, IUAA can help you on your career journey. We've got your back. And we've also got some great resources to get you started:

IUAA members get free access to career tools, including company research, interview prep, and more. Or tap into the power of IU's global alumni network through the alumni directory — more than 580,000 IU alums in every major industry, across the United States, and around the world. Once you’re an IUAA member, make sure to keep your career information up-to-date in your profile — and then network away.

IUAA members receive exclusive career services. 

Dozens of IU alums are willing to share their time and expertise. You don’t have to be an IUAA member to get insight from people with experience in your field and at your target companies. Join the IUAA Career Advice Network on LinkedIn, and proudly list Indiana University in your LinkedIn profile.

Extend your hand to fellow IU alumni. If your company has an opening that would be perfect for an IU alum, post the position on the IUAA job board or via an IU LinkedIn group, and watch the great candidates roll in.