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Commencement is the first step for the alumni served by the IUAA.

10 Ways to Grow Membership

Member Recruitment Guide

Thank you. You're the face and voice of Indiana University for hundreds if not thousands of IU alumni and friends. Through your unique IU story, you speak powerfully about the impact and importance of engaging with IU, including membership in the IU Alumni Association.

We’ve pulled together a selection of proven approaches and techniques to help you grow IUAA membership.

10 Ways to Grow Membership

Consider these tips—and the tools you can download or order free of charge—a supplement to your ongoing, oversized efforts on behalf of IU and the IUAA.

Leverage events

Before events

Offer discounts to members of at least 20 percent or $5, whichever is higher. Recognition of membership status, even if it’s $5, goes a long way.


In online registrations, include a link to the join the IUAA at https://www.myiu.org/membership/join.


Let members register early. This is a particularly effective technique for sell-out events.


Sponsor special members-only events to show appreciation for members' support of Indiana University and the IU Alumni Association.

During events

Encourage attendees to become members at the event. A great time to ask is when a speaker is addressing the entire group. Don't forget a well-positioned sign and forms on hand to take in new memberships.

Download talking points, table signs, and forms.

Order brochures, forms, or sign holders.


Give appreciation to members attending the event. A “Member” sticker for nametags or clothing is one public way. During remarks, give a “thank you” and a round of applause to spotlight members’ commitment. Gestures like this also remind nonmembers that it’s time to join.

Order stickers or download script.

Handle with care

New member welcome

Welcome new life members and new/renewing annual members in your alumni community. Take advantage of the templates we’ve created.

Download letter/e-mail templates.

Member renewal

Identify and encourage alumni to remain members. Lists from the IUAA—of expired and about to expire memberships—give you timely reminders about those who need a friendly nudge to renew. We’ve got templates to get you started.

Download letter/e-mail templates.

Finding people

Request a list from your IUAA staff liaison of alumni in your chapter or group, along with their member status. Then invite non-members to join. Call 800-824-3044 or email iuaamemb@indiana.edu.

Promote widely


If you have a print publication, you can place a membership ad. You’ve got options, too. Sizes range from two-page spread down to quarter-page. Get started by contacting the IUAA membership department at 800-824-3044 or iuaamemb@indiana.edu.

Now what?

Business stuff before you get started.

Payment procedures

Keep things smooth when you collect cash, checks, or credit cards at events. We’ve got a form that provides the payment card industry (or “PCI”) guidelines.

Download procedure form.