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Alumni Awards

Distinguished Alumni Service Guidelines

I. Purpose

  1. The purpose of the Distinguished Alumni Service Award is to provide recognition for outstanding achievements by alumni of Indiana University.

II. Eligibility for Award

  1. Only living alumni of Indiana University are eligible. For purposes of definition, an alumnus is any person who shall have regularly enrolled in any school of Indiana University, or any of its predecessors, and who has remained in attendance at least one semester, and who has earned at least 12 credit hours toward a degree.
  2. The nominee shall have been outstanding in his/her chosen field of endeavor and/or the nominee shall have made significant contributions benefiting his/her community, state, nation, or university.

Note: Since the present rules were approved in 1974 the Selection Committee, because of the original intent of the award, has not seen fit to select a nominee from the faculty and staff of Indiana University who is still on the active payroll, current IU trustee, or a person currently holding a high political office.

III. Nature of the Award

  1. The award shall consist of a medallion and an illuminated parchment.

IV. Nominations

  1. Nominations may be submitted by 1.) Any school of Indiana University 2.) Any alumnus of Indiana University 3.) Any faculty or staff member of Indiana University.
  2. All nominations may be in writing or electronically submitted on the DASA website, Nominations must be accompanied by complete biographical and other pertinent information. At least two letters outlining candidate achievements are required by the nominator and/or other interested individuals.
  3. Regular nomination forms shall be used and may be secured from the IU Alumni Office or DASA website.
  4. Nomination forms and supporting materials must be submitted on the DASA website page or in a sealed envelope and postmarked no later than midnight, March 31.
  5. All nominations submitted in writing shall be addressed to: Coordinator, DASA Alumni Awards, c/o CEO, Indiana University Alumni Association, Virgil T. DeVault Alumni Center, 1000 East 17th Street, Bloomington, IN 47408-1521.
  6. All nominations for the award will automatically be valid for the next two successive years. After that they must be resubmitted.

V. Selection of the Recipients

  1. The Alumni Awards Committee shall be composed of seven members, five of whom shall be alumni of Indiana University and two who shall be faculty and/or staff members of Indiana University. Members of the Executive Council of the Indiana University Alumni Association shall not be eligible for membership.
  2. It shall be the duty of the Alumni Awards Committee to make the final selection of those to receive the award and to forward to the President of Indiana University for him/her to notify recipients.
  3. The alumni members of the Alumni Awards Committee shall be appointed by the chairperson of the Indiana University Alumni Association, and the members representing the university shall be appointed by the president of Indiana University. Members of the committee shall select the chairperson.
  4. Each member of the committee shall serve a term of three (3) years. The terms of the alumni members of the original committee shall be as follows: two members for three years, two members for two years, and one member for one year. The terms of the university members shall be one member for three years, one member for two years, and none for one year. Thereafter, all terms shall expire in that order.
  5. The CEO of the Indiana University Alumni Association shall be the secretary and a nonvoting member of the committee.

VI. Recipients

  1. The Executive Council of the Alumni Association strongly suggests the awards be made to individuals in as many fields of endeavor as possible. (Law, medicine, business, science, music, etc.)
  2. The awards shall be given at the annual meeting/dinner in conjunction with the Student Grant & Scholarship Luncheon. The recipients shall be announced shortly before that date.
  3. Award recipients must be present at the annual meeting/dinner for the DASA presentation unless death or illness following their selection and acceptance occurs.
  4. A limit of one award per year may be given at a commencement ceremony as an exception to the annual awards at the university ceremony.

Amended 9/20/16