Favorite IU Places

Originally published January/February 2008

What brings back cherished memories of one’s college years more than that favorite spot on campus? Where is your favorite IU place? Several months ago, we asked, and you responded.

Assembly Hall, Dunn’s Woods, Beck Chapel, the view of the lake in New Albany, Ball Residence at IUPUI, the Jordan River, the Rose Well House – these are some of the favorite places at Indiana University mentioned by you, our readers and fellow alumni.

From the responses of nearly 150 alumni to our query, the Indiana Memorial Union at IU Bloomington was far and away the most mentioned campus favorite. Alumni from five IU campuses participated.

Peace and tranquility, lively music, a classic ball game, a special guy or girl – these and more come to mind at the recollection of that particular space you remember best. Take a trip down Indiana University’s memory lane and revisit the places your fellow alumni recounted as their favorite spots.