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CJ Lotz, BAJ’11, and Larry Buchanan, BAJ’11
Laurie Burns McRobbie
From left, Zach Hetrick, ’12; Helene DeLone, BAJ’12; Thomas the dog; Larry Buchanan, BAJ’11; Erin Buchanan, BAJ’09; CJ Lotz, BAJ’11; and Eleanor the cat. Photo: Courtesy photo

Love Stories

Like the readers who submitted their stories for this article, writer CJ Lotz and illustrator Larry Buchanan have love stories of their own when it comes to Indiana University. These two classmates are part of a five-person group living together in New York City, their common bond being a love for IU.

“My wife [Erin Wright] was heading to grad school at the Pratt Institute,” says Buchanan. “CJ and two of our other roommates were also ready for a change, each for their own reasons. So we packed up a 16-foot moving truck and drove to NYC on Aug. 1.”

They all wanted to see how big a splash they could make in the huge media pond that is New York City.

Lotz notes that besides a big chalkboard in the living room, the walls of the townhouse are covered with reminders of Bloomington —Larry’s print of the state that says “Indiana is Awesome,” Zach’s photo of the quarries, pictures of their friends, a Little 500 ticket, and an
Indiana license plate. “I’m a better storyteller and friend because of the time I spent at IU,” Lotz says.

Buchanan adds his own IU love story with his wife: “IU means a lot to us. It’s where we really fell in love, grew, and started our lives together. We’ve kissed in the Rose Well House, sledded at 2 a.m. on a snowy Bloomington night, and spent way too much time in Ernie Pyle Hall.”

Jeff Cannon, BAJ’04, MA’07
Hoosier Soccer

Even in middle age, Jeff Cannon still has dreams of playing soccer for IU. He says he knows he wasn’t good enough to do it, but wishes that he were.

“I’ve been a player, coach, and soccer organizer, first in New York and New England, then in the D.C. area, and finally in Bloomington. And I continue to risk life and limb in various adult leagues,” he says.

Since moving to Bloomington in 1996, Cannon has been a self-described “traveling crazy,” following IU soccer not only at home games but also across the Midwest and beyond. He is an adjunct lecturer at the IU School of Journalism.

He was attracted to writing the story of IU’s eighth national soccer championship because “the program’s saga continues to be my very favorite sports story — a reminder that over time, greatness is revealed to be about something more than talent and force; it rests upon
values and community. The stars on the jerseys are proof of the idea. That’s a story worth telling.”

Cannon also leads a not-so-secret parallel life as a singer/songwriter. His fifth CD, 13 Questions, will be released in April. He lives in Bloomington with his wife, Angie, BA’99, MS’05, an English teacher, and their daughters, Emma, 14, and Abby, 11, who both inherited the soccer bug.