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IU License Plate

Drive with IU.

IU license plate

Show your spirit—and help fund scholarships for the next generation of IU students. More than 40,000 IU alums currently use IU plates in Indiana, and thousands more have adopted them in New York, Tennessee, and Texas.

How much does it cost?
  • Indiana: $40 plus regular registration fees, $25 of which goes to the IUAA
  • New York: $35.40 for standard IU plates, or $63 for personalized IU plates
  • Tennessee: $25 for standard IU plates, or $50 for a personalized plate
  • TexasStarting at $55 for standard IU plates

The IUAA is working to make IU plates available wherever there are IU alums. If plates aren’t available where you live, consider an IU Alumni license plate holder, and join the effort to get IU plates in your state.