Get Together

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Your social calendar is going to fill up fast.

Stay up-to-date with arts, sports, and educational events—whether at your IU campus or in a community near you. The IUAA events calendar is your source for all activities IU. Check out the latest art exhibit on campus. Attend a talk by an IU speaker in your area. Or join in on a local volunteer project to raise funds for a worthy cause, like helping IU students in the fight against cancer.

Remember all the good times you had as an IU student? It's time to reconnect with your IU family to renew those experiences.

Come back home for a visit—or explore someplace entirely new. IUAA is your source for information on upcoming school and class reunions. But we’re also world travelers. Every year, IU alums travel together to destinations across six continents for fun, education, and adventure.

From mocktail parties to Mellencamp, there’s always something happening near you. IUAA has chapters and affiliate groups across the United States and around the world. We’re always getting together to watch a game, attend a concert, or mentor IU students. Find a chapter or group near you »