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Mini U classes are created to stimulate, inform, and entertain. Taught by some of Indiana's most accomplished professors, the courses cover a wide range of topics, from music and film to business and politics.

The Arts
Matisse Redux
Nan Brewer, IU Art Museum
Music for Multi-layered Perception: Composing in the
Fifth Dimension

Don Freund, Music
Imitation-Assimilation-Innovation; Becoming an Artist: A Jazz Musician’s Journey
Luke Gillespie, Music
Life on the Edge of Classical Music: The World of Historical Performance
Wendy Gillespie, Music
Discover Indiana’s Own Cole Porter!
Constance Glen, Music
Celebrating Hoagy Carmichael from IU to Hollywood: His Life and Selected Musical Highlights
Tom Hustad, Business Emeritus
VIRTUOSITY: Thy Name is Music!
Peter Jacobi, Journalism Emeritus
Performers: Why Do We Do This to Ourselves?
Alexander Kerr, Music
Performing Shakespeare: From Page to Stage
Jonathan Michaelsen, Theatre, Drama & Contemporary Dance
Godspell: Reinventing an Old Story
George Pinney, Theatre, Drama & Contemporary Dance
Costume Design for the Opera
Linda Pisano, Theatre, Drama & Contemporary Dance
*Old Portraits in New Spaces: The Influential Men and Women of IU
Sherry Rouse, IU Art Museum
Making Art: Creative Collaborations Across the Arts
Anya Royce, Anthropology
*The Mythic American West: How John Ford Defined a Film Genre
Craig Simpson, Lilly Library
Color in Classical Art
Julie Van Voorhis, Art History
Michael Vernon, MusicBallet Department
Business & Technology
Big Data and Predictive Analytics
Frank Acito, Business
Positive & Destructive Coaching
Tim Baldwin, Business
Computer—The Information Machine
Nathan Ensmenger, Informatics & Computing
Better Together? The What, Why, and How of Business Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances
Carolyn Goerner, Business
The Push for Electric Cars: Will it Work?
John Graham, Public & Environmental Affairs
*Simple Ways (or Tips) to Use Smartphones
Amy & Eric Kinser, Business
True Brew: How Beer is Back to Its Pre-Prohibition Strength —the Why and How of Craft Beer in America
Greg Kitzmiller, Business
A Cultural Theory of Risk: Surveying Morality in Life, Business, and the Great Recession
Tim Lemper, Business
Forty-four Years a Hoosier Economist
Morton Marcus, Business Emeritus
Technology, Ethics, and Access to Justice: Private Enterprises as Judge and Jury
Angie Raymond, Business
Assistive Technologies: Making Computer Technology Accessible
Brian Richwine, Information Technology Services
Assistive Robotics: Social Applications and Implications
Selma Sabanovic, Informatics & Computing
Behind the Bench in Business and Sports
Wayne Winston, Business
The U.S. Economic Situation and Economic Policy in an Election Year
Bill Witte, Economics
Domestic Issues
Human Behavior and Energy Use
Shahzeen Attari, Public & Environmental Affairs
Can’t We Be Your Neighbor? Trayvon Martin and the Resistance to African American Neighbors
Jeannine Bell, Law
Indiana’s Climate is Changing: What Are Our Options?
Ben Brabson, Physics Emeritus
The Supreme Court Gets Religion: Whether the Legislature May Pray and Hobby Lobby Must Pay
Beth Cate, Public & Environmental Affairs
Saving the Surveillance Society
Fred Cate, Law
The New Voter Suppression and the Constitution
Luis Fuentes-Rohwer, Law
The Shrinking Middle Class: Causes, Consequences, Policies
Gerhard Glomm, Economics
Gun Control: Policy Options and the Politics of Fear
Paul Helmke, Public & Environmental Affairs
Uncertain Futures: The Republican Party and the Obama Administration
Marjorie Hershey, Political Science
World War I and American Memory
Edward Linenthal, History
Stand Your Ground: The Law of Self-Defense Reduced to Sound Bite
Tim Morrison, Criminal Justice
Political Dysfunction in Washington, DC: Why It’s Getting Worse and How We Can Fix It
David Orentlicher, Law
The Making of a Public Service Announcement: Science, Celebrity, and Mental Health
Bernice Pescosolido, Sociology
Climate Change and Moral Imagination
Lisa Sideris, Religious Studies
Are We There Yet? Obamacare 2014
Kosali Simon, Public & Environmental Affairs
Education, Health and Human Development
Singles in America: Meets The Kinsey Institute
Jennifer Bass, Justin Garcia & Catherine Johnson-Roehr, Kinsey Institute
How Adaptation in the Brain Keeps Our Movements Accurate
Hannah Block, Public Health
Taking Risks and Taking Care: Online and Off
Jean Camp, Informatics & Computing; Lesa Huber & Catherine Sherwood-Laughlin, Public Health
A Sound Mind in a Healthy Body: Schools, Physical Education and Physical Activity
Donetta Cothran, Public Health
Listen First: Powerful Skills in Gaining New Knowledge and Understanding
Frank DiSilvestro, Education
American Cycles of Prohibition: Do They Have Roots in Ancient Drinking Norms?
Ruth Engs, Public Health
Fish Consumption and the Risk of Stroke
Ka He, Public Health
Aging, Hearing Loss, and Hearing Aids
Larry Humes, Speech & Hearing Sciences
Move More, Sit Less, Live Well!
Carol Kennedy-Armbruster, Public Health
Building Livable Communities for All Ages and Abilities
Phil Stafford, Institute on Disability & Community
The Look of Literature: How Graphic Texts are Redefining What (and How) We Read
Dana Anderson, English
*Stepping Back in Time: Walking in the Shoes of the Medieval Scribe
Lori Dekydtspotter & Cherry Williams, Lilly Library
The Age of Arthur: The Anglo-Saxon Takeover of Britain
Deborah Deliyannis, History
Polly Strong: The Case of a French Slave - Utilizing Storytelling as a Pedagogical Device
Gladys DeVane, Business Emeritus
*Revolutionary America in Ten Documents
Erika Dowell, Lilly Library
History of the Bloomington Campus
Kenneth Gros Louis, University Chancellor Emeritus
Talking Turkey: Thanksgiving-themed Films and the Making of a National Holiday
Vivian Halloran, American Studies
Food in the Ancient World
Stacie King, Anthropology
The Handbook (Enchiridion) of Epictetus: A Stoic Manual for Living
Tim Long, Classical Studies Emeritus
Iconic Photographs and the Civic Spectator
John Lucaites, Communication & Culture
Eli Lilly: A Life Well Lived
James Madison, History Emeritus
A Backward Glance, The Poetry of James Whitcomb Riley
Kim Manlove, Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition
Don’t Look Back: Orpheus and Eurydice in Some Recent Popular Culture
Betty Rose Nagle, Classical Studies Emeritus
Archaeology: Past and Present
Anne Pyburn, Anthropology
1964: Rebuilding a Nation through Music
Eric Sandweiss, History
Hollywood’s Greatest Year, 1939: A 75th Anniversary Retrospective
John Schilb, English
Native Americans and the US Military: Images and Information from the Wanamaker Collection
Ellen Sieber, Mathers Museum of World Cultures
The Changing Roles of Higher Education and Liberal Arts in a Changing World
Larry Singell, College of Arts & Sciences
Some Issues in Caring for the Demented and Dying
David Smith, Religious Studies Emeritus
Hawaii’s Statehood and the Myth of Racial Paradise
Ellen Wu, History
International Affairs
Domestic Struggles Impact Iran’s Foreign Policy
Jamsheed Choksy, Central Eurasian Studies
What’s It Like to Become a Foreign Spy?
Gene Coyle, Public & Environmental Affairs
The Social and Economic Impact of Textiles and Apparel Manufacturing and Consumption
Mary Embry, Apparel Merchandising & Interior Design
The Structural Sources of Authoritarianism in Pakistan
Sumit Ganguly, Political Science
Politics in the Information Age
Jeffrey Hart, Political Science
Pathways from Economic Crisis: EU and US Compared
Timothy Hellwig, Political Science
New Models for Teaching About Conflict in a Global Age
Amy Horowitz, Middle Eastern Studies
Recent Developments in the Middle East and the Role of Diplomacy
Feisal Istrabadi, Center for the Study of the Middle East
What Does It Take To Be a Global Citizen?
Hilary Kahn, Center for the Study of Global Change
The Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela
Patrick O’Meara, International Affairs
Living with Crises on the Korean Peninsula and Possibilities for Reconciliation
Michael Robinson, East Asian Languages & Cultures
The American University Meets the Asian Century
Heidi Ross, Education
Assessing the End of Thirteen Years of US & NATO Combat in Afghanistan: Are We Safer Now?
Nazif Shahrani, Centural Eurasian Studies
Coffee: Local Experiences, Global Linkages
Catherine Tucker, Anthropology
Tree Ancestors: A History of the Trees We Know
David Dilcher, Biology Emeritus
A Walking Tour of the Milky Way: New Perspectives on Our Galaxy
Eileen Friel, Astronomy
Catastrophe! Natural Disasters, Sustainability, and the Future of Civilization
Michael Hamburger, Geological Sciences
Chimpanzee DNA Hints at How Evolution Turned Apes into Humans
Kevin Hunt, Anthropology
Your Genome and You: How Genomics is Changing Our Lives
Frederika Kaestle, Anthropology
Doctor, My Eyes Have Seen the Years
Susan Kovacich, Optometry
*Meet the Manikins: High Fidelity Simulation for Teaching Medical and Nursing Students
Joyce Krothe, Nursing & John Watkins, Medical Sciences
Bubonic Plague: A Dangerous But Cowardly Disease
Melanie Marketon, Biology
Diet and Nutrition in Disease Prevention: Facts and Fallacies
Bruce Martin, Medical Sciences
Mystery Skulls: What Skulls and Teeth Can Teach Us About the Lives of Animals and Their Evolutionary History
Armin Moczek, Biology
Monster Black Holes
Catherine Pilachowski, Astronomy
Oh, My Achin’ Back: Lower Back Pain —Causes, Treatments, and Preventions
Mark Ronan, Medical Sciences
Biological Aspects of Biofuel Production
Albert Ruesink, Biology
Fracking for Gas: Is It Really Good or Really Bad?
John Rupp, Geological Survey
Vitamin Supplements: The Good, The Bad, and The Worthless
John Strobel, Medical Sciences

 * = Limited Enrollment Class

We reserve the right to make corrections, additions, and deletions to all Mini U classes.