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Mini U classes are created to stimulate, inform, and entertain. Taught by some of Indiana's most accomplished professors, the courses cover a wide range of topics, from music and film to business and politics.

The Arts
Jerome Robbins: Opus America
Selene Carter, Theater, Drama & Contemporary Dance
Music and the Holocaust: Remembering Terezinn
Judah Cohen, Folklore & Ethnomusicology
Healthy Voices, Healthy Lives: Singing Tips for All Ages
Dominick Diorio, Music
Celebrating a Treasure Trove: The Anthony J. Moravec Collection of Master Drawings
Heidi Gealt, IU Art Museum
Jazz Piano History: A Brief Stylistic Overview
Luke Gillespie, Music
Rodgers & Hammerstein: Society, Politics, and Music Onstage
Constance Glen, Music
Magic and Puppets in Bali
Jennifer Goodlander, Theatre, Drama & Contemporary Dance
Jazz Made in Indiana
Monika Herzig, Public & Environmental Affairs
Introducing Ruby Braff: One of the Greatest Cornetists in Jazz History
Tom Hustad, Business Emeritus
Music to Travel For – Nevermind Space or Time Barriers
Peter Jacobi, Journalism Emeritus
Wonders to Behold: An Interactive Approach to Looking at Art
Ed Maxedon, IU Art Museum
Theatre Training at Indiana University
Dale McFadden, Theatre, Drama & Contemporary Dance
Creating Shakespeare’s As You Like It and the Hunt for Rosalind
Jonathan Michaelsen, Theatre, Drama & Contemporary Dance
Timothy Noble: A Life in Music
Timothy Noble, Music
From Page to Feet to Stage: Pinneography
George Pinney, Theatre, Drama & Contemporary Dance
The Russian Ballet: In the Homeland and Transforming the Global Stage
Anya Royce, Anthropology
*The Name is Bond: Ian Fleming’s James Bond Manuscripts at the Lilly Library
Craig Simpson, Lilly Library
The History of Japanese Woodblock Prints
Judy Stubbs, IU Art Museum
Christmas in June: The Story Behind the IU Nutcracker
Michael Vernon, Music
Business & Technology
The Internet of Everything
Frank Acito, Business
Did Advertising Make Me Buy That?
Jonlee Andrews, Business
Exceptional Leadership: What Is It, Who Has It, and How Did They Develop It?
Timothy Baldwin, Business
Trust and Risk in Internet Commerce
Jean Camp, Informatics & Computing
How Business Impacts Peace?
Tim Fort, Business
The Business of Speed: The Economics of Motorsports Competition in Indiana
Carolyn Goerner, Business
*Simple Ways (or Tips) to Use Smart Phones
Amy and Eric Kinser, Business
What’s Brewing? How Craft Beer Beat Out Sales of Budweiser and Other Tales from the Business of Breweries
Greg Kitzmiller, Business
What Economists Still Don’t Know About Economics
Morton Marcus, Business Emeritus
When Baby-Steps Just Won’t Work: Small Farmers Are Our Best Hope
Angie Raymond, Business
Business in the Movies: How Hollywood Sees Business
David Rubenstein, Business
You and the Sharing Economy: Making the Most Out of Excess Capacity
Abbey Stemler, Business
Your Brain, Your Money
Noah Stoffman, Business
What’s Hot or New in the Retail Marketplace
John Talbot, Business
Where Are We in Our Economic Recovery?
Bill Witte, Economics Emeritus
Domestic Issues
Human Behavior and Resource Use
Shahzeen Attari, Public & Environmental Affairs
Electric Vehicles: Will They Survive?
Sanya Carley, Public & Environmental Affairs
Roberts Court: The First Ten Years
Beth Cate, Public & Environmental Affairs
Evolving Values, the Constitution, and Same-Sex Marriage
Daniel Conkle, Law
The Banker’s New Clothes: Banking Reform
Gerhard Glomm, Economics
The Future of the Democrats After Barack Obama
Marjorie Hershey, Political Science
*Modern Restaurants from Haute Cuisine to New Nordic
Daniel Knudsen, Geography
How is Social Media Changing News Coverage?
Lesa Major Hatley, Media School
You Can’t Say That! Or Can You? The Boundaries of Free Speech in America
Michael McGregor, Media School
The Art and Science of Philanthropy: Why, Where, and How We Give
Laurie Burns McRobbie, IU Foundation
The Affordable Care Act: An Assessment of the First Full Year
Kosali Simon, Public & Environmental Affairs
The NCAA and the Changing Landscape of Division I Intercollegiate Athletics
Kurt Zorn, Undergraduate Education
Education, Health and Human Development
The Health Effects of Sleep Deprivation
Daniel Agley, Public Health
Nature AND Nurture: Sexuality Across the Life Course
Jennifer Bass, Justin Garcia and Catherine Johnson-Roehr, Kinsey Institute
*Wylie House Museum: Historic Home and Garden Tour
Carey Beam, Wylie House
Living Museums in the Sea: Historic Shipwreck Parks
Charles Beeker, Public Health
Energy Positive Living Buildings
Bill Brown, Public & Environmental Affairs
Building Indiana University through the Eyes of William Lowe Bryan and Herman B Wells
Terry Clapacs, Vice President Emeritus
Are You Listening?
Frank DiSilvestro, Education
*Meet the Manikins: High Fidelity Simulation for Teaching Medical and Nursing Students
Sally Gindling, Joyce Krothe & John Watkins, Medical Sciences
The Power of Place: The Significance of Destination
Rasul Mowatt, Public Health
*Tour of the Musical Arts Center
Tridib Pal, Musical Arts Center
The College Toolbox Project: IU and Glenn Close Partner on Mental Illness
Bernice Pescosolido, Sociology
What is Public Health? How the System Works to Keep Us Healthy
Michael Reece, Public Health/td>
Literature Through the Lens of Disney
Dana Anderson, English
Meditation and Yoga: Reintroducing Religion into Public Schools?
Candy Gunther Brown, Religious Studies
Paradise Lost and the Modern Notion of Evil
Linda Charnes, English
Codpieces and Corsets: Fashion Evolution and Change
Deborah Christiansen, Apparel Merchandising & Interior Design
*Stepping Back in Time: Walking in the Shoes of the Medieval Scribe
Lori Dekydtspotter & Cherry Williams, Lilly Library
Pope Francis: Radical Reformer?
Constance Furey, Religious Studies
Guerrilla War and Violence Against Civilians in the US-Mexican War of 1846-48
Peter Guardino, History
Mystery Meat: Food and Detective Fiction
Vivian Halloran, Comparative Literature
*Poe at the Lilly
Christoph Irmscher, English
The Predicament of Aftermath: Forms of Holocaust Memory
Ed Linenthal, History
Marguerite Yourcenar and The Memoirs of Hadrian
Tim Long, Classical Studies Emeritus
Two Hundred Years of Indiana
Jim Madison, History Emeritus
A Backward Glance: The Poetry of James Whitcomb Riley
Kim Manlove, Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition
Confronting Jim Crow: Black Women School Founders in the Post-Reconstruction South
Audrey McCluskey, African American & Diaspora Studies Emeritus
A New Theory of the Maya Collapse: It Didn’t Happen
Ann Pyburn, Anthropology
*Lockridge Family Histories: Unraveling the Mysteries of Raintree County in Bloomington
Eric Sandweiss, History
Insecticides, Racial Conflict, and the Holocaust: The New Yorker’s Most Controversial Year
John Schilb, English
Teaching Bioethics: Joys and Pitfalls
David Smith, Religious Studies Emeritus
International Affairs
The Past and Future of U.S.- Russian Relations
Gene Coyle, Global & International Studies
Prague and the Czech Republic: A Cultural Exploration
Craig Cravens, Slavic & East European Languages & Cultures
21st Century Diplomacy
Lee Feinstein, Global & International Studies
Cuba Before and After the Thaw: Reflections of a Cuban-American Educator
Gerardo Gonzalez, Education
Muslim Extremism and West Africa: Boko Haram
John Hanson, History
Is There Religion in China?
Michael Ing, Religious Studies
Conflict and Diplomacy in the Middle East: An Update
Feisal Istrabadi, Center for the Study of the Middle East
Why We Need Journalists More Than Ever
Elaine Monagham, Media Schoolt
From Herman B Wells to Michael McRobbie: Why a University Engages with the Wider World
Patrick O’Meara, International Affairs
The Vietnam War/American War: Stories from All Sides
Ron Osgood, Media School
Navigating the New India: Women’s Turbulent Itineraries in a Globalizing Nation
Radhika Parameswaran, Media School
The Public House: An Enduring British Institution
Steven Raymer, Media School
Cold War Artifacts or Promise of Change: Korean Peninsula 2015
Michael Robinson, East Asian Language & Culture
A Trillion Dollar Afghanistan War and Hundred Billion Dollar Reconstruction: Is the US Mission Accomplished?
Nazif Shahrani, Central Eurasian Studies
The Mars Science Laboratory Experience
David Bish, Geological Sciences
Understanding Medical Imaging
Mervyn Cohen, Medical Sciences
The Importance and Success of Co-Evolution for Humanity and the World We Live In
David Dilcher, Biology Emeritus
What the Frack?! Can Human Activity Really Trigger Earthquakes?
Michael Hamburger & John Rupp, Geological Sciences & Geological Survey
Killer Instinct in Chimpanzees: Fact or Fantasy?
Kevin Hunt, Anthropology
Pestilence, Pandemics and Pandemonium: Infectious Diseases in the Past and Present
Fredericka Kaestle, Anthropology
Severe Weather: What Is It and How Did It Get Here?
Cody Kirkpatrick, Geography
Paint It Black: The Artist and Visual Impairment
Susan Kovacich, Optometry
Food for Thought: Food Politics and Poverty from Local to Global
Andrew Libby, Human Biology
Should You Be Eating Gluten-Free?
Bruce Martin, Medical Sciences
Climate Change and the Diversity of Life
Vicky Meretsky, Public & Environmental Affairs
Exploring the Planets of the Milky Way: Worlds Beyond Imagination
Catherine Pilachowski, Astronomy
Vision Loss in Older Individuals
Mark Ronan, Medical Sciences
The Connected Brain
Olaf Sporns, Psychology & Brain Sciences
Ongoing Healthcare Crisis: Does the US Have the Best Healthcare in the World?
Rob Stone, Medical Sciences
Atrial Fibrillation: The 21st Century Epidemic
John Strobel, Medical Sciences
The Odyssey of Love and Intimate Relationships Across Our Lifetime
Scott Thompson, Psychological & Brain Sciences

 * = Limited Enrollment Class

We reserve the right to make corrections, additions, and deletions to all Mini U classes.