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Mini U classes are created to stimulate, inform, and entertain. Taught by some of Indiana's most accomplished professors, the courses cover a wide range of topics, from music and film to business and politics.

(Alphabetized by professor’s last name in category)

The Arts
Learning to Ask the Right Questions: Musical Analysis and Hip-Hop
Kyle Adams, Jacobs School of Music
Flawed Blessings, Bob Fosse
Selene Carter, Theatre, Drama, & Contemporary Dance
*Worth a Thousand Words: Artists’ Books at the Lilly Library
Lori Dekydtspotter and Cherry Williams, Lilly Library
A Life in Opera
Arthur Fagen, Jacobs School of Music
Lost in Translation: My Personal and Musical Journey from Kyoto, Japan, to Bloomington, Indiana
Luke Gillespie, Jacobs School of Music
The Brilliant Gershwins: Music, Race, and the American Identity
Constance Glen, Jacobs School of Music
The Evolution of the Saxophone in Jazz
Tom Hustad, Kelley School of Business Emeritus, and Thomas Walsh, Jacobs School of Music
We Need to Dream, We Need to Thrill, We Need Music: So Let’s Share Some
Peter Jacobi, Journalism Emeritus
Folk Art and Creating Aging
Jon Kay, Folklore & Ethnomusicology
PBS: America’s Television Station
Steven Krahnke, The Media School
The Sounds of Eastern Europe
Nancy Lipschultz, Theatre, Drama, & Contemporary Dance
The Hidden Hand: The Subtle Craft and Sometimes Art of Directing for the Stage
Dale McFadden, Theatre, Drama, & Contemporary Dance
A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Creating a Production
Jonathan Michaelsen, Theatre, Drama, & Contemporary Dance
Dressing the Famous Women of Theatre and Opera
Linda Pisano, Theatre, Drama, & Contemporary Dance
Somewhere West of Lonely: My Life in Pictures
Steven Raymer, The Media School
Dancers on Dance: Summoning the Beyond
Anya Royce, Anthropology
The Indian Sari: Next to the Skin, Close to the Heart
Judy Stubbs, IU Art Museum
Business & Technology
The Power of Positivity
Tim Baldwin, Kelley School of Business
Atlas of Science: Visualizing What We Know
Katy Borner, Informatics & Computing
Sensitive Lifelogs: A Privacy Analysis of Photos from Wearable Cameras
David Crandall, Informatics & Computing
Global Issues in the Retail Industry: Is It Changing?
Mary Embry, Apparel Merchandising & Interior Design
Introducing Generation Z: Understanding the New “Digital” Generation
Carolyn Goerner, Kelley School of Business
*Simple Ways (or Tips) to Use Smartphones - Droid
Amy Kinser, Kelley School of Business
*Simple Ways (or Tips) to Use Smartphones - iPhone
Eric Kinser, Kelley School of Business
America’s Pixelated Economy, or How Georges Seurat Would Have Painted the USA
Morton Marcus, Business Emeritus
The Angel on Your Shoulder: Prompting Employees to Do the Right Thing Through the Use of Wearables
Angie Raymond, Kelley School of Business
Sustainable Cybersecurity: Applying Lessons from the Green Movement to Managing Cyber Attacks
Scott Shackelford, Kelley School of Business
The Economic Outlook and the Election
Bill Witte, Economics Emeritus
The Regulation of Conflict Minerals
Karen Woody, Kelley School of Business
Domestic Issues
A Conversation on U.S. Immigration
Angela Adams, University Counsel, and Lee Hamilton, School of Global and International Studies and Center on Congress
Can Personal Privacy Be Protected?
Fred Cate, Maurer School of Law
Life and Death at the Supreme Court
Beth Cate, Public & Environmental Affairs
Am I My Brothers’ and Sisters’ Keeper? Yes! Reflections on the Economics of Poverty
Gerhard Glomm, Economics
Media Literacy
Lesa Hatley Major, The Media School
Isn’t There Anything We Can Do About Gun Violence in the U.S.?
Paul Helmke, Public & Environmental Affairs
The 2016 Presidential Election: What Will Happen and What Difference Will It Make?
Marjorie Hershey, Political Science
Law Without Borders: Exploring Cross-Border Disputes and Transnational Justice
Austen Parrish, Maurer School of Law
America’s Long Journey Toward Marriage Equality for Gays and Lesbians
Steve Sanders, Maurer School of Law
The Media We Knew and the Evolution of Future Communication: The Media School Perspective
James Shanahan, The Media School
The Affordable Care Act: Five Years and Counting
Kosali Simon, Public & Environmental Affairs
How Do We Know What Works? Adventures in Evidence-Based Public Policy
Coady Wing, Public & Environmental Affairs
One Hundred Years of National Parks
Stephen Wolter, Public Health – Eppley Institute
Damned If They Do and Damned If They Don’t: The NCAA and Violations
Kurt Zorn, Undergraduate Education
Education, Health and Human Development
The Health Effects of Sleep Deprivation
Daniel Agley, Public Health
Nature AND Nurture: Sexuality Across the Life Course
Jennifer Bass, Justin Garcia and Catherine Johnson-Roehr, Kinsey Institute
*A Woman’s Work Is Never Done: Tour of Historic Wiley House
Carey Beam, Wylie House
Diet and Physical Activity for Middle-Aged and Older Adults
Andrea Chomistek, Public Health
*Tour of the Musical Arts Center
Ben Harris, Musical Arts Center
Sports Fanship, Social Identity, and Moral Relativity
Edward Hirt, Psychological & Brain Sciences
*Walking Through History on the IUB Campus: The Convergence of Vision, Architecture, and the Local Limestone Industry
Brian Keith, Geological Survey Emeritus
From Beauty Queens to Bra-Burners: IU Student Life, 1950-1970
Dina Kellams, IU Archives
Activity Trackers: What’s All the Fuss About These Fitbits?
Carol Kennedy-Armbruster, Public Health
Hoosier Games: A Viewing Guide to the Summer Olympiad
Barry King, Athletics
Women in Sport: Breaking Ground or Not?
Erin McNary, Public Health
Move Better and Move More
Michelle Miller, Public Health
The Fear of Saying the Wrong Thing About African Americans: “I’m Pretty Sure I’m Not Racist . . . Some of My Best Friends Are Black.”
Maresa Murray, Public Health
The Symbolism of Evil
Dana Anderson, English
Meditation and Yoga: Reintroducing Religion into Public Schools?
John Arthos, English
*A Registry of Rogues: Crime and Popular Culture in the 19th Century
Rebecca Baumann, Lilly Library, and L. Anne Delgado, English
Fashion’s Future In Its Past
Deborah Christiansen, Kelly Richardson, and Kathleen Rowold, Apparel Merchandising & Interior Design
Espionage Stories of WWII in Portugal and Spain
Gene Coyle, Global & International Studies
Barbarians and the Fall of Rome
Deborah Deliyannis, History
The Pope and Politics
Constance Furey, Religious Studies
The Bible in American Life: Usage Patterns, Editions, and Translations
Paul Gutjahr, English
Loss and Longing in Contemporary Fiction
Ray Hedin, English
*Highlights of Indiana Literature from James Whitcomb Riley to Kurt Vonnegut at the Lilly Library
Christoph Irmscher, English
A Cuisine Unknown Even to Foodies: Native American Food, Past, and Present
Jason Jackson, Mathers Museum of World Cultures
Degenerate Science: A Brief History of Eugenics, from Victorian England to Nazi Germany, with a Stop in Indiana Along the Way
Andrew Libby, Human Biology
Lucretius Explains Absolutely Everything to You
Tim Long, Classical Studies Emeritus
Cars, Hoosiers, and Twentieth Century Change
Jim Madison, History Emeritus
A Backward Glance: The Poetry of James Whitcomb Riley
Kim Manlove, State of Indiana – Division of Mental Health
*Rational Amusements: Puzzles in the Late Victorian Era
Andrew Rhoda, Lilly Library
The McCarthy Era Through the Lenses of Different Film Genres
John Schilb, English
Margaret Atwood’s “Ustopias”
Rebekah Sheldon, English
Angel Mounds: Ancient City on the Ohio
April Sievert, Anthropology
*Young (and Old) Mr. Lincoln: The Abraham Lincoln Collection at the Lilly Library
Craig Simpson, Lilly Library
The Social Psychology of the Holocaust
Scott Thompson, Psychological & Brain Sciences
International Affairs
Appraising the “Theologies” of Al-Qaeda and ISIS
Asma Afsaruddin, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
A Clash of Narratives: U.S.-Iran Relations Since 1979
Hussein Banai, International Studies
21st Century Diplomacy
Lee Feinstein, Global & International Studies
Oil, Islam, and Geopolitics
Gardner Bovingdon, Central Eurasian Studies
We Have a Framework Deal with Iran: What Now?
Jamsheed Choksy, Central Eurasian Studies
Laying Claim to Yoga: Intellectual Property, Cultural Rights, and the Digital Archive in India
Allison Fish, Informatics & Computing
Conflict and Diplomacy in the Middle East: An Update
Feisal Istrabadi, Center for the Study of the Middle East
Muslim Extremism in West Africa: An Update
John Hanson, History
Today in the European Union
Jeffrey Hart, Political Science Emeritus
Tasting Dung with an Anxious Heart: Family Care in Traditional and Modern China
Michael Ing, Religious Studies
Conflict and Diplomacy in the Middle East: An Update
Feisal Istrabadi, Center for the Study of the Middle East
Russia, Ukraine, and the Politics of Energy
Robert Kravchuk, Public & Environmental Affairs
Living with Chronic Illness in China
Yan Long, International Studies
The North Korea Challenge: A Path Forward for the Next U.S. Administration
Mark Minton, Global & International Studies
Illegal Immigration, Challenges, Fears, and Opportunities
Patrick O’Meara, International Affairs
From Virtuous Manliness (Mardaanagi) to Crises of Masculinity in Central Asia
Nazif Shahrani, Central Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
A Shot in the Dark: The Spiderweb of Rhino Poaching
Lester Wadzinski, Public & Environmental Affairs
Fetal Tissue Research: At the Intersection of Medicine, Law and Values
Basia Andraka, Maurer School of Law, Mark Bauman, Medical Sciences, and Stuart Yoak, The Media School – Poynter Center
Climate Change: Will Paris Save Us?
Ben Brabson, Physics Emeritus
Trees: Their Evolution, Natural History, and Importance
David Dilcher, Geological Sciences
*Meet the Manikins: High Fidelity Simulations for Teaching Medical & Nursing Students
Sally Gindling, Joyce Krothe, and John Watkins, Medical Sciences
Where Do the Recently Discovered Homo Naledi Fossils Fit in the Human Evolutionary Tree?
Kevin Hunt, Anthropology
Pestilence, Pandemics and Pandemonium: Infectious Diseases in the Past and Present
Fredericka Kaestle, Anthropology
Climate Change: What’s Really Going On?
Cody Kirkpatrick, Geological Sciences
New Drugs in the Pipeline
Bruce Martin, Medical Sciences
Aliens Among Us: The Fantastic Biology of Insects in South Central Indiana
Armin Moczek, Biology
Pluto and the Ice Moons
Catherine Pilachowski, Astronomt
CHearing Loss and Tinnitus: Problems Caused by Disease, Injury, Medications, and Noise
Mark Ronan, Medical Sciences
The Visual World of Babies
Linda Smith, Psychological & Brain Sciences
Palliative Care: Death Panels, Being Mortal, and What is Most Important at the End of Our Days
Rob Stone, Medical Sciences

 * = Limited Enrollment Class

We reserve the right to make corrections, additions, and deletions to all Mini U classes.