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IU alumni gather at homecoming parade in 2010.

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Cuba: The People, Culture & Art

A subject of mystery, fascination and deliberation for decades, Cuba has been forbidden to American travelers – until now. We are pleased to offer you an exceptional opportunity to visit Cuba yourself on a remarkable eight-day exploration. In this people-to-people exchange, you will discover Cuba through the resource that has kept the country vibrant through decades of political strife and isolation from the world: the Cuban people. Their joys, challenges and unique world outlook will unfold for you through personal meetings and enjoyment of their arts and culture in this program.

Encounter Cuba through intriguing excursions, exciting performances, informative discussions led by knowledgeable experts and personal contact with a variety of Cubans including painters, dancers, teachers, students, medical professionals and everyday people.

Enjoy two nights in lovely Cienfuegos and discover the jewel that is Trinidad. Explore Havana’s timeless streets, architecture and famous landmarks. Venture into Cuba’s countryside across impossibly verdant landscapes to plantations and a socialist community. Savor local cuisine, talk with Cubans about their way of life and visit their homes, a medical clinic and schools, with access unavailable to individual travelers. This program will show you Cuba’s unexpected delights and the very real struggles of its people.

Cuba: The People, Culture & Art is made possible by a special license issued by the U.S. Department of Treasury. Your guides are expert in the country and will share their personal connections with its people and places with us.

  • Company:
    Alumni Holidays
  • Dates:
    December 2, 2013 to December 9, 2013
  • Price:
    Approximately $4,195 (includes air from Miami)
  • Brochure: