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IU and IUAA leadership sing Star Spangled Banner at the National Press Club.

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Alumni Email Account

As an IUAA member, you don’t have to say goodbye to your IU email account.

Your IU degree is valuable. Show it off with your email identity.

Members of the IU Alumni Association qualify for an IU alumni email account! Use alumni email when you apply for jobs, or just to hang on to that special IU connection. Your account will look like this: username@alumni.iu.edu. Alumni email accounts are provided by Microsoft on the Office 365 platform.

Remember to include the username that you would like (username@alumni.iu.edu) and enough information so that we can find you in our database.

Request an account

After creating your account, go to http://mail.office365.com. Your User ID is your full Alumni Email address.

Are you a recent graduate? You may have been using an i-mail or u-mail account at IU. You’re in luck. You can continue your account (username@indiana.edu or username@iupui.edu, for example). If you have questions, check out this UITS guide.

Having trouble? We're here to help. Please send us your question.